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Surprise! 5 Winter Maintenance Tips for Surprise AZ Drivers

As an Arizonian, winter doesn’t mean the same thing as it does to our neighbors in the North. However, this doesn’t mean your vehicle doesn’t need a little special TLC and auto repair solutions in Surprise, AZ. Fortunately, Sun City Tire & Auto offers a host of auto repair and maintenance solutions for every season. 

We offer a host of solutions, but we pride ourselves on educating our customers and helping them get the most from their vehicles. To do just that, we have outlined 5 often-overlooked winter maintenance tips for Surprise AZ drivers. 

Surprise! 5 Winter Maintenance Tips for Surprise AZ Drivers

Continue reading to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to Sun City Tire & Auto for auto maintenance and auto repair in Surprise AZ.

Is Your Battery up to the Surprise AZ Winter Test?

In Surprise, we enjoy sweltering, dry summers, but the winters can get quite cool. In fact, we can get down to as low as the 30’s — as those in the North scoff. While we may not require snow tires, you should start winterizing your vehicle at the battery.

Simply put, batteries don’t do as well in extremely cold (or hot) weather. This makes Surprise AZ summers hard on batteries, but the occasional cold winter days can be the final straw. So, if your battery hasn’t been replaced or tested within the last couple of years, you can do yourself and your vehicle a favor by scheduling a full battery inspection at Sun City Tire & Auto. 

Make Sure Your Tire Pressure Is in the Safe Range 

As the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, your tires have an unrivaled level of importance. And when the temperature drops, your tire pressure will follow suit. Make sure to keep an eye on your tire pressure to ensure you’re not driving around Surprise AZ with the wrong tire level.

If your tires are too full or low, you will wear them out much more quickly. Even more importantly, it can be dangerous. As such, you should make sure your tire pressure is at the proper level.

Do You Have Sufficient Tire Tread?

While you’re at it, give your tire treads a once-over. Tires that are misshapen, bald, or worn are dangerous — no matter the amount of tire pressure. Fortunately, the team at Sun City Tire & Auto offers the best tires for sale in Surprise at the best price

Check Your Thermostat

No matter the temperature, your thermostat is important. In the summer, the thermostat prevents the vehicle from overheating. However, when temperatures drop, the thermostat works to ensure the engine is hot enough. Why is this important? Your engine must be in the right temperature range to perform efficiently. At the same time, your heater will work better when the thermostat is properly functioning, which can be key to staying comfortable in Surprise AZ’s winters. 

A Tisket, a Tasket…Don’t Blow a Gasket

In some instances, your gaskets may malfunction when temperatures drop. As the weather gets colder, the rubber seals and gaskets will shrink. This can turn a molehill of a leak into a mountain of a problem. When engine oil leaks into your exhaust system, it can cause everything to go up in smoke. And the sights and smells of smoke are never good, especially when it comes to your vehicle. If you notice either or both of these scenarios, it’s imperative to bring your vehicle to Sun City Tire & Auto for expert auto repair in Surprise AZ. 

Contact Sun City Tire & Auto for Expert Auto Maintenance and Auto Repair in Surprise AZ

Your vehicle represents a significant investment. As such, you want to ensure it runs efficiently and safely for several years to come. One of the best ways you can do that is to have regular vehicle maintenance and auto repair in Surprise AZ. Simply put, don’t ever allow a small auto repair problem to go unattended. 

Contact Sun City Tire & Auto or come to our shop located at 11541 West Bell Rd, Unit 101, Surprise, AZ 85378 today for auto repair in Surprise AZ.