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Don’t Let A/C Leaks Heat Up Your Summer in Surprise, Arizona

As temperatures rise in Surprise, Arizona, you don’t want to get caught without a working A/C system in your car. Unfortunately for Eric of Eric’s Garage AZ, that’s exactly what he discovered upon going out to his car one fine morning. The air conditioning wouldn’t kick on in his car, leaving him headed straight to see our team at Sun City Tire & Auto. Thankfully, our auto tech, Charles, quickly diagnosed the leak and completed the A/C service and repair, leaving Eric more than ready for the sunny weather.   

Common Signs of an Air Conditioning Leak

The air conditioning leak in Eric’s car was quite apparent since the vents didn’t blow cold air at all. Instead, it was pushed out warm air that just wouldn’t do as temperatures heated up in Surprise, Arizona.

Other signs of an air conditioning leak include:

  • Slow airflow through the vents
  • Strange noises from the compressor
  • Bad smell when you turn the A/C on

You might also notice an oily substance leaking out onto your driveway from the engine bay. Just plain water dripping from the system is normal, however. It’s just condensation draining from the evaporator.

During the inspection on Eric’s car, Charles also found that the compressor was not cycling on, so he hooked up the gauges for a closer look. With the gauges showing the system was completely out of refrigerant, he knew to look for a leak in the A/C system.

How Our Techs Detect and Repair A/C Leaks

To fully diagnose the leak, our techs have to refill the system with the right refrigerant plus the perfect amount of UV dye. The dye is a bright green color that glows when illuminated by the UV light.

With the system full, it has to run for at least a couple hours. During that time, the refrigerant and dye cycles through the whole A/C system. If it’s leaking at any point, the dye drips down the outside of the lines or other surfaces, leaving its telltale mark behind. Then, as our techs look over the system from start to finish with the UV light, they can quickly see which parts are leaking.

Since the leak in Eric’s car was so bad, Charles didn’t even need the UV light to see it. Instead, he was able to just see the wet dye dripping down the discharge line. At that point, he removed the leaking part, ordered a new one, and installed it. After that, all he had to do was recharge the system, add more dye, and run it to confirm it’s blowing cold and not leaking from anywhere else. Problem solved.

Need A/C Service and Repair? Call Sun City Tire & Auto to Schedule a Visit

With timely A/C service and repair, you can be prepared to enjoy the sunny weather in Surprise AZ. Even as temperatures rise, you’ll be able to sit comfortably in your vehicle as you head out to the pool or just get your errands done.

Ready to schedule your visit to Sun City Tire & Auto? Just call 623-583-9938 or fill out our online form to find a convenient date and time to come in. We look forward to helping you keep your car’s A/C system blowing cold through the summer and beyond.