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Is A Brake Fluid Flush Necessary For Surprise, AZ Drivers?

Is a brake fluid flush necessary for Surprise, AZ drivers? In short, the answer is “Yes”: a brake fluid flush is necessary…that is, if you value the ability to stop reliably. While most vehicles come equipped with state-of-the-art advanced safety features, your braking system is the ultimate system.

Many — if not all — of your vehicle’s safety systems rely on your brakes and your ability to slow down or stop. If your braking system isn’t working correctly or malfunctions, you could be in a world of trouble. Let’s take a closer look at why a brake fluid flush is a must-have vehicle maintenance solution. And if you’re ready to schedule your brake fluid flush in Surprise, AZ, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sun City Tire & Auto. 

Is A Brake Fluid Flush Necessary For Surprise, AZ Drivers? with Sun City Tire & Auto; closeup image of mechanic bent down on one knee wearing gloves performing brake fluid flush on car in shop

Let’s Talk About Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is the vital chemical, liquid solution that is utilized in your hydraulic braking system. Very simply, your brake fluid is responsible for amplifying the force of your foot on the brake pedal. When you press the pedal, brake fluid morphs the pressure you apply into pressure onto your brakes. Without brake fluid, you would have to apply exponentially more pressure to slow down or stop. 

Your brake fluid must be specially formulated to perform the critical jobs it’s tasked with doing:

  1. Brake fluid must have an exact and constant viscosity (thickness) across a broad range of temperatures.
  2. Your brake fluid should have a high boiling point. Why? The friction from your brake pads generates enormous amounts of heat. If the brake fluid is allowed to boil, it will evaporate, which means your stopping power fades as well.
  3. Brake fluid must be able to resist corrosion. Brake fluid has special additives that are uniquely engineered to prevent brake line corrosion.  

What Is a Brake Fluid Flush?

A brake fluid flush is a crucial vehicle maintenance solution. During the brake fluid flush, our experienced automotive techs will drain all of the old brake fluid from your vehicle and replace it with a more effective, fresh fluid. 

Why Does Brake Fluid Go Bad? 

Over time, the vital additives in your brake fluid are used up. When this happens, your brake fluid can go bad and must be changed based on the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. Here’s why it loses its effectiveness over time:

  1. Brake fluid absorbs air and will naturally experience increased water content, which decreases the fluid’s boiling point. 
  2. Corrosion builds up in your brake line because the essential additives and antioxidants in the brake fluid break down. This can cause metal corrosion and the buildup of contaminants in the fluid. 

Why Should I Schedule a Brake Fluid Flush at Sun City Tire & Auto?

Very simply, failure to have a brake fluid flush can lead to much more expensive brake repair in Surprise, AZ — if you’re fortunate. If you’re on the not-so-fortunate side, bad brake fluid can lead to poor braking performance. In other words, your braking power could be inadequate when you need it the most.

You may even have to pump your brakes to build up sufficient pressure to stop. Even worse, your brakes could fail. This can happen when the brake fluid reaches the boiling point under operation, particularly when lowered artificially through contamination. 

Need a Brake Fluid Flush or Brake Repair in Surprise, AZ? Contact Sun City Tire & Auto 

Don’t chance it! Your brakes and life are too valuable. Instead, the best solution is to schedule a brake fluid flush in Surprise, AZ, as suggested by the manufacturer. If you don’t know the interval, the manufacturer recommends? The team at Sun City Tire & Auto will help.

We offer comprehensive solutions for brake repair in Surprise, AZ. Our experienced team of brake repair technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your braking system and suggest the best solution.

Contact Sun City Tire & Auto today for a brake fluid flush or brake repair in Surprise, AZ today!