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Everything You Need to Know About Tire Repairs In Sun City, Az

Since they are your car’s only direct contact with the road, your tires need to stay in great shape to keep you safe on all your travels. Unfortunately, punctures from nails, stones, or even broken glass can instantly slow your roll and leave you looking for a quick solution. There’s good news, however: You don’t always have to buy a new tire to fix the problem. Instead, your Surprise AZ auto shop can repair certain types of tire damage. Here’s what you need to know.

A Look at Tire Repairs

Everything You Need to Know About Tire Repairs In Sun City, Az with Sun City Tire & Auto image of mechanic's hand on tire that is being taken off rim on tire machine

If you have a ¼-inch or smaller puncture in the inner tread surface of your tires, you can likely have it repaired with a plug or patch. Your auto repair tech will closely inspect the damage to determine if it’s repairable and how to best approach the repairs.

Tire plugs work best when there’s a nail hole or similar damage in the very center of the tread. As you drive, the rubber plug will fuse with the tire to create a lasting repair. If the damage is closer to the shoulder of the tire, or bigger than the plug, then it’s better to use a patch.

Common Tire Repair Limitations

Repairs are not possible if the damage is outside the repairable area, which extends from the center of the tire to ½ inch from the steel belt along each shoulder. Any damage on the sidewall is not repairable as well. Trying to repair the shoulder and sidewall surfaces could impact the structural integrity of your tire, leaving you at risk of a blowout.

Other reasons Sun City Az auto techs cannot repair tires includes:

  • The puncture, cut, or gash is bigger than ¼ inch or has irregular edges
  • The new damage overlaps a previously repaired area
  • Excessive tire wear, especially on just one side
  • Presence of cracks or bulges on the tire surface
  • Damage from driving on the flat tire

Your tech may also recommend replacing all your tires if they are
more than six years old or have obvious signs of aging.

What If the Tire is Not Repairable?

If your tire is not repairable, then the only way forward is by buying a new tire – and we are here to help with that, too. Our Sun City Az auto repair team can help you find the right tire brand and type for your vehicle.

Our top tire brands include:

We will also mount and balance the tire on your rim, and then rotate your tires if needed to keep wear even. If your existing tires show uneven wear or other signs of a problem, you might also need to get a wheel alignment done to protect your investment.

Need Tire Repairs in Sun City Az? Call Our Team at Sun City Tire & Auto

When you get a flat tire, put on your spare and call our team at Sun City Tire & Auto at 623-583-9938 to find a convenient time to come in. You’re also welcome to fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to helping you repair your tire fast and get back to your travels without delay.