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3 Signs You May Have a Bad ABS Module in Surprise, AZ

The ABS Module serves as the brains of your anti-lock braking system, ensuring your brakes do not lock up during quick stops. When this part fails, your risk of sliding during emergency braking situations increases markedly, especially if you’re not used to pumping your brakes. Since that’s a terrible way to find out that your ABS module no longer works, use these signs to tell when to come in for repairs to your brakes in Surprise, AZ.

3 Signs You May Have a Bad ABS Module in Surprise AZ with Sun City Tire & Auto closeup image of anti lock braking system in car

Illuminated ABS Dash Light

When the ABS module starts to malfunction, the onboard computer will let you know by turning on the associated dash light. This light either displays “ABS” in most modern cars or has those letters enclosed in a circle with two curved lines alongside.

If you’re ever unsure what your dash lights mean, you can always look to your Surprise, AZ mechanic for insights. Then, through precise diagnostic steps, they can find what’s causing the dash lights to come on and provide their repair recommendations.

Braking Effort Increase

When you press down your brake pedal, you undoubtedly expect a prompt response, allowing you to properly slow down your vehicle and bring it to a stop. When the ABS starts to malfunction, the pedal may not respond at all – even if you press down with all your might.

Instead, you’ll want to pump the brakes to get the pedal to respond. If the brakes are still unresponsive, then downshift to a lower gear to use the transmission to slow down. Then, slowly engage the emergency brake to bring your car to a stop. After that, call for a tow to the auto repair shop, so you can get your brakes fixed before you drive your car again.

Speedometer Failure

Although not as common as the other signs, there’s a chance that your speedometer may stop working as the ABS system goes offline. You’ll then notice that your speedometer won’t go past 0 as you accelerate.

Your ABS light will likely come on soon after, although it’s best not to wait for that to happen before getting brake repairs. When you bring your car into the shop right away, your auto tech will check the module, sensors, and other related parts to accurately diagnose the problem and let you know what’s going on.

Need Help with Your Brakes? Call Our Surprise, AZ Auto Repair Shop

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