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Sun City, AZ

When you want a mechanic you can trust to repair your vehicle properly, you look for a shop with ASE Certified auto technicians. When you want someone to fix your vehicle with honesty and integrity, you look for a family-run shop backed by a name like Goodyear. Whether you need tires or auto repairs, you can rest assured that Sun City Tire & Auto uses quality OEM parts and Goodyear and Michelin tires.

Vehicle Repair Costs in Sun City, AZ

Most people want to know what it will cost to have their vehicle repaired. No one can answer that until a mechanic can get a proper diagnosis. We never work on your vehicle without verifying the problem and the cost to repair it.

Vehicle repair costs are based on the year, make and model, the cost of the parts required to repair the vehicle, and the labor rate. We use industry standards for repair times, so if you have two similar vehicles with the same repairs, the cost is the same for both. For example, if you bring a 2019 Honda Accord in for a timing belt in January, the labor will be the same if you bring a second 2019 Honda Accord in for a timing belt in July. The only difference in price that you might see is if the parts distributor increases or decreases the price of the timing belt and other parts that might be needed.

Sun City Tire & Auto front desk worker helps out a female customer

Service and Maintenance in Sun City, AZ

When it’s time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance and service, simply make an appointment for the services you need and drop your vehicle off. If you need a ride or a loaner, we can help you out. For some maintenance, the wait won’t be very long, and you can wait in our waiting area. Or, on nice days, you can walk – or we’ll drop you off – at the Italian Bakery or the Crab Shack to get a bite to eat while you’re waiting for your vehicle. There are several more places to eat and shop within a short driving distance. Or, if you need a ride to work, we can drop you off at work.

Two Sun City Tire & Auto technicians inspecting the underside of a car

Auto Repairs in Sun City, AZ

While we try to get your vehicle repaired the same day, some auto repairs take longer. We will let you know if we expect the repairs to take longer than a day. In most cases, this happens when a job takes six or more hours. Sometimes, we might have to special order a part. If it takes a day or three to get the part, we’ll let you know.

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For vehicle repairs and maintenance you can count on, visit Sun City Tire & Auto in Sun City AZ. You can make an appointment, call us, or stop by our shop at 11541 West Bell Rd, Unit 101, Surprise, AZ 85378.