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Sun City West, AZ

Keeping your vehicle maintained and in good repair keeps you on the road longer, especially if you develop good maintenance habits when you first buy the vehicle. Sun City Tire & Auto makes it easy for residents of Sun City West to develop those good habits by setting appointments and making sure you get in and out as quickly as possible – with the best customer service and the highest quality parts as possible. From the air filter to engine parts, we use OEM parts where possible to ensure that you get quality all around.

Sun City West AZ Auto Repairs

When you need a shop that does everything from replacing tires to replacing the entire engine, you’ve found it with Sun City Tire & Auto. Our ASE Certified technicians are experienced in performing auto repairs on all makes and models, including American cars, Euro cars, and Asian cars.

Keeping your vehicle in good working condition means that it lasts longer – if you’re not partial to new car payments but repairs are too expensive, we do offer several forms of credit. We also offer discounts for the military, first responders, and seniors. If you need help with larger vehicle repairs and don’t want to give up your vehicle just yet, ask us how we can help.

Vehicle Maintenance in Sun City West AZ

You can keep many larger repairs at bay by doing regular maintenance on your vehicle. Making sure you change the oil and other fluids as recommended, checking the tires, brakes, belts, hoses, and filters are all part of maintaining your vehicle.


We are Goodyear and Michelin tire dealers and are certified by Goodyear. The tire tread can tell you a lot about your vehicle, including whether you have too much or too little air pressure, an alignment problem, or a suspension problem.

If you notice your vehicle’s tires wearing unevenly, whether they are wearing down on the center, evenly on both sides but not in the middle, or just one side of a tire, bring your vehicle in so that we can check it and do a tire repair.

We can diagnose all makes and models, whether they are American cars, European cars or Asian cars. If your check engine light is on, make an appointment with Sun City Tire & Auto to diagnose and repair the problem.

Fluid and Filter Changes

Flushing or changing your vehicle’s fluids is an important part of maintenance. The oil and filter are usually changed while flushing the transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluids are recommended. When we flush the transmission fluid, we’ll also replace the filter in the valve body.

Coolant becomes ineffective after a certain amount of time – and that depends on the type of coolant your vehicle uses. When it becomes ineffective, rust protection and hot and cold temperature protection are mitigated.

And, if you don’t change the filters within a reasonable amount of time, the sludge that the filters filter out can get into the internal workings of the engine or transmission and cause more problems. Don’t forget about the fuel filter and the air filter. Clogged fuel and air filters can significantly affect the efficiency of the engine.

Contact Sun City Tire & Auto

When it’s time for maintenance or if you need engine repairs, contact Sun City Tire & Auto to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. You can also come to our shop located at 11541 West Bell Rd, Unit 101, Surprise, AZ 85378.