Auto A/C Repair

The last thing you want to deal with when the higher temperatures hit Arizona is a broken air conditioning system in your vehicle. Many people joke about the “manual” air conditioning they have – rolling down the windows. But, when temperatures are in the 90s and higher, rolling down the windows isn’t going to cut it.

What Can Go Wrong with the Air Conditioning System?

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is made of several parts, including:

  • The compressor;
  • High-pressure lines;
  • Low-pressure lines;
  • The condenser;
  • The drier or accumulator;
  • The orifice tube (O-Tube) or expansion valve; and
  • The components inside the vehicle, including switches, doors and other components that direct the cooled air into the cabin.


Sun City Tire & Auto, Surprise Az, mechanic performing car a/c repair services to vehicle in shop

If any of the components are not working, our ASE Certified technicians have experience in auto A/C repair for your vehicle.

The Air Conditioning Cycle

This is the main part of the air conditioning system in that it compresses the refrigerant, which increases the temperature. The refrigerant is pumped through the condenser to rid it of the heat. The next step depends on whether your vehicle has an accumulator or drier.

The accumulator is on the low side (suction side) of the system, while the drier is on the high side (pressure side) of the system. Both clean any residual liquid out of the refrigerant. The accumulator is the last component before the refrigerant goes back through the compressor, whereas the drier is located just after the condenser.

If your system has a drier, it also has an expansion valve. After the refrigerant goes through the drier, it then goes through the expansion valve, where it is stripped of the pressure. It can then go through the evaporator core, which makes the refrigerant cold and free of any moisture. The blower motor then blows air past the refrigerant and out of the vents.

If your vehicle has an accumulator, the refrigerant leaves the condenser and goes through the orifice tube and the evaporator core; then it goes through the accumulator to clean it before it reaches the compressor.

What Can Go Wrong

With all of those parts, many things can go wrong. The compressor clutch could stop working, the compressor itself could stop working because of age or other reasons, the hoses and the condenser could leak, the drier or accumulator could become clogged, the O-tube or expansion valve could malfunction, and the evaporator core could malfunction – and that is only with the main components of the system.

If any of the parts break, you won’t have a functioning air conditioning. If the system develops a leak, the air may be cool, but not nearly as cold as it should be. The more refrigerant that leaks out, the warmer the air will be when it goes through the vents.

Contact Sun City Tire & Auto

If the air conditioning is not working in your vehicle, contact Sun City Tire & Auto for an appointment to diagnose and repair the system. We’ll add refrigerant to determine if the system is leaking or if one of the components is not working properly.

Call us or stop by our shop at 11541 West Bell Rd, Unit 101, Surprise, AZ 85378, for auto air conditioning repair.