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Engine Services

Even when you take care of your vehicle, your engine will need service on internal components. Eventually, if you keep the vehicle long enough, you’ll need to rebuild or replace the engine because parts such as rings wear out. Sun City Tire & Auto provides engine services, including replacing water pumps and timing belts or timing chains, and can rebuild or replace your vehicle’s engine when needed.

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Water Pumps and Timing Belts

Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, you might find the water pump bolted to the front of the engine or under the timing belt cover. If the water pump is bolted to the front of the engine, the serpentine belt drives the pump and we don’t have to open the timing cover to access it.

However, if the water pump is under the timing belt cover, the timing belt turns the water pump pulley. Since we have to remove the front cover off the engine to get to the water pump, we recommend replacing the timing belt at the same time, especially if the water pump has leaked antifreeze onto the timing belt. You’ll save money since you won’t have to pay the same labor for changing the timing belt for another 60,000 or so miles.

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Engine Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance on your engine is one of the easiest ways to prevent surprise breakdowns. During maintenance on gas and diesel engines, our ASE Certified technicians pay attention to visible upcoming issues. When we put a vehicle on the lift for an oil change, we can see how the tires, brakes, suspension, and other components are doing. We can also check for leaks in coolant, oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid. Keeping the engine maintained helps us find problems before they become major issues.

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