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Vehicle maintenance

To keep your vehicle running properly and for many years, you must do preventative vehicle maintenance on it as recommended by the manufacturer. You can do some of the maintenance yourself, such as checking and topping off fluids and checking the tires, but when it comes to changing fluids and checking brakes, you want a reputable auto repair shop to keep your vehicle maintained and to find problems early.

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While you can check your own fluids, changing them is another thing for many people. Even those that can change their own fluids would rather leave it to the professionals so they don’t have to find a place to discard the used oils and antifreeze – and they don’t have to get greasy or try to slide under the vehicle. It’s simply more convenient to let a mechanic with all the tools and lifts at his disposal to change the fluids.

When an ASE Certified auto technician changes your vehicle’s oil, he does much more than that. While the vehicle is on the lift, he can check for oil leaks, problems with the tires, issues with the suspension, brake lines, brakes, exhaust, fuel lines and much more. Fluids we can change include:

  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Differential Oil
  • Transfer Case Fluid
  • Coolant
Tire maintenance at Sun City Tire & Auto; vehicle maintenance


If you notice your tires are wearing unevenly, you could have issues such as:

  • Too much air pressure – the tires will wear in the center
  • Too little air pressure – the outside edges of the tires will wear
  • Suspension, alignment and steering problems – one or both front tires will wear on one side of the tire or you might see “feathering” on the tread

Tires could also separate or become unbalanced. If you notice shaking in the steering wheel at a certain speed, your tires most likely need to be balanced. If you notice shaking at low speeds, you could have a separated tire.

Belt Maintenance performed at Sun City Tire & Auto

Belts and Hoses

You can also check your own belts and hoses. To check the belts, look for dry rot, tears, cracks, and shiny grooves. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to replace the serpentine belt. Belts also stretch over time. The engine uses a tensioner pulley to keep tension on the belt as it stretches. Eventually, the belt stretches enough so that the tensioner can no longer keep it tight. If you can twist the belt more than 90 degrees, it could be stretched far enough that you need to replace it.

Hoses should feel firm whether hot or cold. If a hose has dry rot on it or it feels mushy, it’s time to replace the hose before it lets loose and causes your vehicle to overheat. Look for dry rot near the hose clamps. While the entire hose could be affected by dry rot, it’s more likely to show up near the clamps.

Tune Up service at Sun City Tire & Auto

Tune Up

Most newer vehicles use coil-on-plug technology, so you don’t have wires. But you still have spark plugs that require changing. Always check your vehicle’s service manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for changing the spark plugs.

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