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Instead of taking your vehicle to different places for different things, bring it to our ASE Certified auto technicians at Sun City Tire & Auto – a one-stop shop for maintenance, diagnostics, engine repair, and tires. We try to get everyone in and out on the same day, unless you have a repair that takes longer than a day. You can wait in our waiting area, or you can use our shuttle service or one of our loaners, depending on your circumstances.

Surprise AZ Vehicle Maintenance

Those who perform regular vehicle maintenance usually get more miles out of their vehicles. Oil and filter changes, tune up, air and fuel filter changes, transmission fluid and filter changes, flushing the coolant and keeping an eye on belts and hoses and changing them before they break go a long way in adding extra miles to your vehicle.

Since these maintenance items need to be done on a regular basis, it’s easy to schedule an appointment ahead of time, which ensures that you are in and out quickly. You’ll also have peace of mind since we check your vehicle’s brakes, tires and other wear and tear items while your vehicle is on the lift. This ensures that you have fair warning when any of these items are going to fail.


Tires are also a maintenance item, though they don’t need to be changed as often as other maintenance items. We’ll check your vehicle’s tires when you bring your car in for regular maintenance and give you plenty of warning before you need to replace them. We are Goodyear and Michelin resellers, so you’ll get only the best when you choose us for your maintenance, tire and repair needs.

We perform tire repairs at Sun City Tire & Auto in Surprise, AZ

Car Repair in Surprise AZ

When you keep up on the maintenance for your vehicle, repairs are fewer, but that doesn’t stop them completely. Whether you need repairs to your air conditioning, brakes, steering, suspension, belts, hoses, or other accessories and engine work, our ASE Certified auto technicians have the experience to make sure your car is up and running with quality parts and service.

Diagnostics machine used at Sun City Tire & Auto


With all of the computers in passenger vehicles today, the average person can’t lift the hood and do his or her own repairs. Not only do you need the knowledge and expertise, you also need the proper diagnostic equipment to determine the problem. We use top-of-the-line Snap On diagnostic equipment to determine which sensor is not working properly.

We can diagnose all makes and models, whether they are American cars, European cars or Asian cars. If your check engine light is on, make an appointment with Sun City Tire & Auto to diagnose and repair the problem.

Sun City Tire & Auto, Surprise Az. mechanic performs engine services on car using socket wrench while wearing white work gloves

Major Engine Repair

In some cases, you might need major engine repair; or, if you want to keep a vehicle that has a worn-out engine or transmission, you need someone who can change the engine or transmission. Our ASE Certified technicians will order a new engine or transmission and install it for you. When you get your vehicle back, your car can be as good as new again.

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Whether you need tires, an alignment, maintenance, or repairs, call or visit our online scheduling app to schedule an appointment with Sun City Tire & Auto. You can also stop by our shop located at 11541 West Bell Rd, Unit 101, Surprise, AZ 85378.