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Signs It’s Time for Brake Service and Repair in Surprise, AZ

With each press of the brake pedal, a series of parts work together to slow down your car and bring it to a stop. If anything goes wrong within the braking system, you may find your vehicle doesn’t scrub speed off fast enough, potentially putting you in danger of a collision. The following warning signs are often there far before your stopping power decreases, letting you know it’s time for brake service and repair in Surprise, AZ.

Terrible Noises

Signs It’s Time for Brake Service and Repair in Surprise, AZ with Sun City Tire & Auto; closeup image of mechanic changing brakes on car

When you press down your brake pedal, the calipers should squeeze the pads against the rotors without making a ruckus. So, if you hear squealing or grinding noises as you do that, you just know that there’s a problem. Often, terrible noises arise due to excessive pad wear, which causes the caliper to rub against the brake rotor.

Excessive Vibrations

In addition to not making terrible noises, your car shouldn’t vibrate excessively when you press down on the brake pedal. Your car should feel as smooth and stable as always while you slow down and bring your vehicle to a stop. If you notice that your car shakes and shimmies through the wheel or seat, then it’s likely time to have your Surprise, AZ, auto tech complete brake repairs.

Pulling Sensation

If you notice your car pulling to one side or the other while pressing down your brake pedal, then something has gone wrong in the system, such as:

  • Stuck caliper

  • Brake hose collapse

  • Warped rotors


Other times, the problem could arise due to worn or damaged suspension parts. Tires could be to blame as well, so it’s wise to have your mechanic take a look and see what’s going on.

Spongy Pedal Feel

If your brakes feel spongy, you likely have air in the system due to a leaking caliper, master cylinder, or even the lines themselves. At first, your brakes might just feel a little bit unresponsive, but as the leak worsens, you could lose all your stopping power. So, always report changes in how your brake pedal feels to your mechanic to avoid that frightening scenario.

ABS Light Turns On

When the ABS light starts shining brightly, it lets you know that a part in the system has malfunctioned or completely gone offline. After all, modern cars know what’s up with their high-tech systems, so it’s essential to heed the warning. Thankfully, your mechanic can use their factory scan tool to speak with the car’s onboard computer and find the cause of its woes.

Need Brake Service and Repair in Surprise, AZ?

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