When you walk out to go to work or the grocery store and you notice your vehicle sitting at an odd angle, your heart drops because you know you’ll have to deal with a flat tire. Even if you have a way to air up the tire, it might not get you far if there’s a nail in it. We repair tires at Sun City Tire & Auto. You can have your vehicle towed in or, if you know how to change a tire, you can bring your tire into us.

Two Types of Tire Repairs

If you have a nail or something sharp in the center of the tread and the hole isn’t very big, we can plug the tire. Plugging a tire is a safe way to save the tire. We use plugs made from a sticky rubbery material that meld into the tire rubber once you drive on the tire.

The other type of tire repair is a patch. Plugs do not work if the hole is near the sidewall of the tire. You’ll need a patch. If the hole is in the tread but is too big for a plug, we can also use a patch to repair the tire. However, patches do have their limits. If the hole is too big, even a patch won’t repair the tire – you’ll have to replace the tire.

A Sun City Tire & Auto technician works a nail out of a tire | Tire repair services

Using Fix-a-Flat and Other Products

If you use Fix-a-Flat and other such products, be sure to warn us when you bring your tire in for repairs. When the mechanic deflates the tire to repair it, the chemical substance can spray all over the place, which causes a mess that’s difficult to clean up. In addition, many of these products are flammable and we may need to exercise additional caution when dismounting the tire.

The other issues with using these types of chemicals for tire repairs include:

  • Using Fix-a-Flat and other products like it are just a temporary fix. You should bring your vehicle in as soon as possible to get the puncture fix properly or to replace the tire.
  • If the puncture is too big, or you have a gash in the tire, these products will not help.
  • If the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, Fix-a-Flat won’t work.
  • If your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system, the chemical could clog the sensors and damage the monitoring system.
  • If your tire is really flat, one can may not be enough.

Driving on a Flat

If you get a flat when you are on the road, pull over immediately. Driving on the flat tire will damage the tire so that you won’t be able to repair it. I could also damage the rim if the bead breaks. If you have no choice but to drive on the tire to get out of traffic, drive very slow – 5 miles per hour or less, if possible. Don’t make a sharp turn if you can help it. It’s better to gradually make your way to the side of the road, especially in traffic. Only drive far enough to get to a safe place where a tow truck can pick you up or where someone can safely change the tire.

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